15 things you can be shame-free
about during massage therapy

There are lots of situations during a massage therapy which you shame but you don’t have to. The most important is the 15th.

  1. You didn’t shave.

  2.  You get an erection.

  3.  You’re on your period.

  4.  You fart.

  5.  You need to blow your nose.

  6.  You have to use the toilet.

  7.  You undress to your level of comfort.

  8.  You got sweaty on your way.

  9.  You fall asleep and even snoring.

  10. You drool.

  11. You don’t enjoy the music.

  12. You have acne.

  13. You’ve scars.

  14. Your body!

  15. You tell your therapist the preasure is too hard, too soft, in the wrong place or in the right one.

Don’t forget, we are humans too, especially from the emphatic type. 🙂 So if you have any problem during your massage don’t shame it and just tell us!

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