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Chocolate Massage

Sziklai - Csokoládé masszázs - Chocolate massageThe Chocolate Massage, similarly as the Wellness Massage aims at the relaxation of both the body and the spirit, while relieving stress, with special technics. Unlike the Wellness Massage, this one relies more on the used carrier substance, than the massage technic itself.  The key parts are the cocoa beans, and its components. You can experience the various benefits of the cocoa beans on your skin, such as the tightening, hydrating and detoxicating effect, and it also works as an effective antidepressant, to put you in the good mood.

Sziklai - Csoki masszázs - Chocolate massage

Unlike many saloons, I don’t use premade products, since they are usually just chocolate scented, but lack the positive ingredients of the original substance. I rather prefer the cocoa oil in its natural form, and I mix it with melted dark chocolate myself.

I count the Chocolate Massage as a special service, because of the unusual, but necessary preparations, so if you wish to pick this type of massage, please let me know in advance, and we can discuss the details.

I do guarantee that I shall provide the best service resulting in easing the (pain, headache, worries etc.).


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