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The Cupping technic is an effective expansion of a Cellulite treatment, for example, but it may also be used as a standalone service, preferably after a Swedish massage.


The point is, that I place special plastic bells on the desired part of the skin, and then I create an adjustable vacuum inside the bell, with the help of a pump. It instantly sucks the skin inside the bell a little bit, with the fat cells under the skin. Then I start to move the cups along the Lymphatic circulations, equivalent to the flow direction. The force of the vacuum breaks the fat cells into smaller pieces, to let the deposited toxins free, so the Lymphatic system can do its job, and get rid of them, once they are released. It also increase the blood flow in the treated areas, which has various beneficial effects to our body.

It is also an exceptionally good method to fade the stretch marks after a pregnancy.

This treatment also causes a redness on the skin, as a side effect of the increased blood flow, and there is a possibility, that some of the weaker capillaries may snap, causing little red dots on the skin. This is completely normal, and it passes away within a few days after the treatment, without a trace. But still, it’s not a treatment I would recommend before a weekend on the beach. 🙂

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