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Honey Massage

Sziklai - méz masszázs - honey massageI am quite sure, that you already know the positive benefits of the honey as a substance, but using honey in a massage session is not yet a well-known technic. Despite that, it is one of the best tool for detoxification, and it’s impossible not to notice the positive results on the skin.

In the first part of the Honey Massage, I apply the pre-heated honey to the skin (which may be any type of honey, depending on our goal, because all type have different primary and secondary beneficial effect) with smoothing moves. After this, once it starts to dry a little bit, and becomes stickier, I proceed to the next phase, which consists of special, stronger moves and grips. These technics are not for relaxation, rather the opposite. It may feel a little unpleasant for the skin, but the benefits are more than convincing. It has a strong impact on increasing the blood and lymph circulation, and removes the toxins and roughages from the pores in a spectacular way.

I usually mix this type of massage with the body shaping Cellulite Massage, especially because of its detoxification effects, but it can be used as a standalone massage as well.


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