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Cryomassage as ice massage

First time in Hungary, at Sziklai massage!

The cryotherapy is from the kryos (Greek word), which means: cold. Not accidentally, ice and cold are among the first symptomatic treatments when we feel pain in our body! Just think about cold pack, cooling gels, ointments. In this article, I draw your attention to a method which isn’t really famous here. 


For the first time in Hungary  – I’m proud to claim that in our little homeland, it’s at me, at Sziklai Massage where Cryocup’s unique technique becomes available for anyone. Its uniqueness lies in a special tool, the ice, in combination with the massage itself. You can ask why it’s not widely used in this country. The answer is simple: unfortunately, like in health business, we’re lagging behind 5-10 years in several areas from Western European countries. However, I hope that from this time, more and more colleagues of mine will use this highly effective method!

The Cryocup  – The tool itself is a two-part plastic “cup”. It’s unique because the part which contacts with your skin is rounded, thus it provides comfortable use for the guest.


The treatment – The Cyrocup contains a piece of ice. With this, I perform the ice massage (or kryomassage), complying with the basic necessary rules. Of course, every treatment is preceded by a short examination for maximum safety. 

It’s a specialty at my place that I’ve been developing Cyrocup ice massage treatment further, by using my other techniques and methods before or after the treatment, according to my guest’s problems and needs. For example: the effect of an aromatherapy massage with warm essential oils on a cold skin treated by Cyrocup intensifies, thanks to the accelerated circulation, dilated vessels and pores, therefore the beneficial substances of my essential oils will be absorbed even more. It can have several further advantages, e.g. for a body-shaping massage, it can speed up the results.

Safety – It can only be as harmful as any other massage – complying with hygiene and other treatment rules (e.g. a certain part cannot be massaged with ice for more than 5-10 minutes) and contraindications, it’s completely harmless and only has positive effects!

Mechanisms of action  – The sudden decrease of the temperature slows down the speed of nerve impulse system, thereby removes the pain as well. A short course vasoconstriction is created, followed by a prolonged dilation of the veins – particularly with the help of a warm massage. It stimulates the blood supply to that area that improves blood and lymph circulation, activates the body’s defense reactions and other processes of regeneration. In summary, the treatment’ principal healing effects: anesthetic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, reducing swelling, immunomodulatory1, strengthening and recovering.


Indications – Highlighting more general examples, it’s applicable to reduce inflammation in case of arthritis, acute joint pain, sprain, bruises, tennis or golf elbow; relieves pain and accelerates healing. It also helps reducing the unpleasant symptoms of superficial phlebitis and eczema or hematoma.
It’s also important to mention that cold therapies are safer that warm ones because our body feels cold much more than hot – it has 24.000 cold-sensing receptors, contrary to 3.000 hot-sensing ones.

Contraindications – It’s not allowed to perform treatment only similar cases to a simple Swedish massage, where we’re accelerating circulation amongst other things. So it’s forbidden in case of tumor, malignant diseases, fever, cardiovascular disease, acute myocardial infarction and post-infarction rehabilitation period, and for a few more, about which the therapist must always question the guest.


To summarize, ice massage with the help of Cyrocup, allows a complex treatment where we take advantage of the pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effects of ice, in conjunction with positive effects for skin and for circulation of the blood, with the advantages of a massage at the same time.

1Immunomodulatory: The enhancement of our body’s natural defense mechanism, during which process the activated effector cells enhance the protective role of antibodies against attacks, increase the function of the phagocytosis, the natural killer cells’ functioning, the number of macrophages, IL-2 formation and the activity of T-cells.

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