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KoroKan massage



The origins of the therapy consisting of 100 movements goes back to the Shaolin monasteries of long time ago. This complex treatment was an integral part of all martial arts practices and it was employed to preserve health of both body and soul.

During the 60-minute full treatment, you need to use all of the 100 steps you learn at the professional course. The special pushing-kneading-smoothing movements focused on the 1.200-1.600 points need to be always carried out in the same order according to a specified choreography. The use of the technique is very simple and can be learnt easily.

The original meaning of the word Korokan is a “rest-area”, a “shelter for travellers”.

Why is KoroKan massage therapy so effective?

KoroKan massage contains as “a 3 in 1″ technique the following:

– the treatment has the powerful relaxing effect of the classical massages on all muscles, tendons and ligaments without pain; it improves and regulates the lymph flow and blood circulation (e.g. classical massage).

– its treatment on the reflex points along the meridian lines stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, endogenous organs, and their functions; its stretching and ‘pulling out’ ease stiffness and tension in the muscles and joints, making the body more flexible (e.g. Thai massage).

– during the treatment the therapist employs both his/her Energy and that of the recipient. Its aim is to harmonize the energy flow and release any blocks in order to balance body, mind, and soul. Kneading followed by smoothing relaxes the nervous system and has energizing and painkilling effects (e.g. Shiatsu massage).

With KoroKan massage therapy you may effectively help:

  •  ease or stop lack of energy
  • correct locomotor and spinal diseases,
  •  provide long-lasting muscle relaxation with muscle pain
  • ease or stop neck pain, back pain, and lower back pain
  • detoxify the body
  • help remove excessive water from the body (oedema)
  • alleviate negative emotional states such as nervousness and irritability
  • stop or alleviate chronic headache and sleep disorder
  • cease exhaustion and fatigue

Moreover, you will yourself also experience the benefit of a long-lasting muscle relaxation and stress reduction which this massage provides since during the training trainees practice the movements massaging each other.


The following are contraindications which apply to my services:

  • Under the influence of any mind-altering drugs
  • Acute inflammation
  • Skin damage (eg, ulcers, burns, etc.)
  • Infectious diseases (eg, TBC, AIDS, etc.)
  • Allergies for materials used by therapist
  • Any diseases caused by haemophilia
  • Malignant tumors
  • Fresh traumatic injury
  • Unstable mental state
  • An advanced stage of osteoporosis
  • First 4 weeks after any surgery
  • Epilepsy
  • First 6 months after a myocardial infarction
  • Severely weakened state (eg fever).
  • First 6 months after a disease with blood clot