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Manager massage

Office / Manager / Chair massage

Imagine your office staff feeling relaxed, refreshed and refocused…

Corporate office chair massage is a simple and effective way to build a positive environment within your workplace, allowing the individual to relax, and feel refreshed.

officemassageI believe that massage at work enhances productivity, decreases the rate of absenteeism and promotes healthy positive interpersonal relationships at your workplace.

I found 75% of most office workers have tension in the upper back ( Rhomboids, Middle /Lower Trapezius Muscles), Shoulders ( Upper Trapezius, Infra/Supra Scapularis, Deltoid Muscles), Neck (Levator Scapularis, Upper Trapezius, SCM and S. Capitus Muscles). These particular muscle groups can be associated with poor posture, stress related conditions, overuse syndrome in relation to consistent sitting at the computer desk, keyboard and mouse interaction and leaning into the phones or computer screens.

With a regular massage and stretching programme put in place you will see an improvement with your staff in relation to improving posture at the desk, relieving muscle fatigue and tension, increasing awareness with specific stretching techniques and reducing daily stresses. The seated massages can assist with blood flow, soften the muscle body and increase flexibility in the muscle fibres.  All this will benefit the staff and increase your productivity whilst creating a happy and healthier workplace.

Seated corporate office massages are performed on a professional ergonomic massage chair. Each massage usually ranges from 10 minutes to 30 minutes and are best suited in a quiet environment away from your work desk. Massages are also available at your workstation normally in 5 to 10 minute intervals, this is especially targeted for larger staff numbers.

Each staff member remains fully clothed during their massage and 15 minutes normally allows for a back, neck, and shoulder massage.

Our therapists also provide an ambience of relaxing music and an aroma of essential oils to further enhance your massage experience.

Value your employees… Show how much you care about their health and wellbeing with a seated massage.


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