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Sport massage

The sports massage is similar to the Swedish massage, since they have the same roots. Even though the basics are similar, the sports massage includes different type of grips and movements. It differs in its speed and implementation, since the goal is to move and knead the muscles. Strengthen or slacken them, to refresh the body. I don’t just recommend it to athletes, but for anyone, who wishes for a faster, and more intensive massage.


I use different techniques, depending on if it’s before, or after a workout session or training. Of course it’s all about the client’s personal needs, so I can customize the massage for your wishes.

Generally it includes the head (face, neck, decolletage), back, legs, arms, stomach, lumbogluteal (bottom and waist), but as I’ve said, I customize my massage sessions for my client’s needs. Nothing is set in stone, so if you would fancy a back massage for an hour, but you would like to have your arms and feet massaged as well, we can do that, and I will build up the session considering your needs.


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