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Swedish massage

Sziklai massageThe Swedish massage, or just massage, as commonly known, is the most widespread massage type in Europe, and it is the base of many more massages, such as the healing, sports, or wellness.

The moves contains smoothing, rubbing, kneading, tapping, vibrating, and additional moves and grips. I combine these with tricks I’ve learned from therapeutic massage, like tweaks and provisions. I may also combine it with other moves, learned from more exotic massages, such as the eastern and Hawaii ones. Of course the whole session is fully customisable, depending on your own needs, since everyone’s body is different, and individual.

Sziklai - Abdoman massage - HasmasszázsThe effects are multifarious, depending on the implementation (refreshing, relaxing), but generally speaking it improves the health of our entire body. It has an impact on every organ, nerves, circulatory system, and metabolism. Of course we cannot forget the spiritual benefits, since everyone who ever had the pleasure to receive a professional, well build-up massage, knows how good it is at lowering our stress level, as well as curing pains, while calming the soul.

I do Swedish massage, on almost every body part. Generally speaking it consist the massage of the head (face, neck, decolletage), back, legs, arms, stomach, lumbogluteal (bottom and waist), customized for the individual needs of my clients. I can extend it with additional technics, such as Cupping. You can read more about Cupping under the „Cupping” menu.




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nevtelen-1-masolataI’m Csaba Sziklai lincensed massage therapist, and I am waiting for You with my wide variety of massages (sport, wellness, Swedish, cellulite – shaping, honey, chocolate, aromatherapy, office, ice) , treatments (ultrasound, TENS, kinesio tape, infrared) my 100% natural self-mixed oil, and with my total devotion for a massage in the heart of Budapest!