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Shaping massage – (ANTI) Cellulite massage

This massage type aims at shaping the body, focusing on getting rid of the unwanted cellulite, and to tighten the skin, and to make it more resilient. I reach these goals with intensive, special moves and grips. These technics breaks open the tiny nodules, which are filled with fat cells and toxins, then I heavily increase the blood flow and lymphatic in the desired area, to let the circulatory system carry away the toxins and other roughages.


This massage type of course is not a cure-all panacea, but combined with other health improving activities, and healthy diet, it is possible to halve the time, needed to get rid of the cellulite, while improving the condition of the skin as well.

I usually extend the Cellulite Massage with Cupping, to further increase the effect, and generally the best follow-up massage after this, is the Honey Massage, since they are synergism exceptionally well with each other.

It is possible to perform a Cellulite Massage on every part of the human body, where the cellulite may occur, so generally speaking it concentrates on the thighs, bottom and the upper arm. It is naturally possible to treat every one of the fore mentioned body parts within one session, since as I’ve mentioned, I am flexible at adjusting the massages for your needs.

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